DESIGNNID is a young design group that is taking new ideas as an indicator in the present era. Our goal is to carry out a win-win project with companies and specialized companies by performing professional design projects at DESIGNNID, free from the limited development process in companies such as product development and design consulting, based on practical experience related to various product design development.
The standards by which consumers lead the market and choose products are changing. And design is at the center of that change. Design, above all else, makes creativity a life, and in order to lead this into real innovation, rationality in design is required. Creating new value through the coexistence of'creativity' and'rationality' is the power of design and the power of DESIGNNID. Use the power of DESIGNNID as the internal resource of the company, and based on it, we hope that you will be competitive in the changing era of infinite competition.
The harmony of technology and design, and the development of design for humans are the ideals we pursue.